Press Release

Alice Marra Chain up the Swings

Chain Up The Swings

Inner City Sound / ICS002

Release date: 3 March 2017

CD Distributor: Cadiz

Digital Distributor for all releases: Believe Digital



Celebrating the much-mourned Michael Marra’s musical legacy, his daughter Alice – of Dundonian indie-popsters The Hazey Janes – launches her brand new solo collection Chain Up the Swings, comprising classics and rarities from her father’s inimitable oeuvre. In this new solo album, Alice pays tribute to her father with a collection of songs written by him and played with some of his original Gaels Blue Orchestra.

The idea came originally from Gordon Maclean of An Tobar, Tobermory. Gordon had orchestrated the collaboration EP, Houseroom with Michael and The Hazey Janes and more recently, a further collaboration between The Hazey Janes and Liz Lochhead. Gordon’s idea gave Alice the inspiration to trawl through literally hundreds of songs to find a collection that suited her own style and which she was passionate about. It was a dream come true for her to work alongside the producers and musicians who had made Michael’s own records. All Michael ever wanted was to have other people recording his songs. In his own words “I didn’t want my name in lights, I wanted it in brackets”.